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Welcome to the PROPS PROJECT
The PROPS Coordination Action builds on previous EU and national activities undertaken to promote and develop short sea shipping individually and as part of multi modal logistic chains. The goal is increased use of short sea shipping, leading to modal shift from long-haul road freight to sea supporting the sustainable development of European transport.

PROPS aims at working closely with the Short Sea Promotion Centres (SPCs) to develop practical tools to assist with their promotional activities and with extending their operations to encompass inter-modal and co-modal transport.

PROPS will introduce an effective methodology to support intermodal stakeholders achieve the quality of services that end-users require and to confidently market these services throughout Europe. The elements comprising the methodology are:
a set of Strategic Supports addressing competitive, operational and marketing strategies to convince shippers to shift to SSS services and to provide persuasive material that will enable a promotional campaign to improve the image of SSS;
a set of Tactical Supports that facilitate the implementation of SSS promotion strategies;
a set of SPC-specific Supports aimed at increased efficiency of SPCs, focusing on processes for collaboration between SPCs and managing  performance and risk indicators.
European Short Sea Shipping
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Pan-European campaign fos SSS
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